PhD Theses

From Pauli Blocking to Cooper Pairs: Emergence in a Mesoscopic 2D Fermi Gas
(June 2022)
Marvin Holten
Correlations from Microscopic to Macroscopic Quantum Systems: Interactions vs Indistinguishability
(June 2021)
Ralf Klemt
Emergence of Many-Body Physics in Two-Dimensional Few-Fermion Systems
(July 2020)
Luca Bayha
Characterizing Few-Fermion Systems with Momentum Correlations
(January 2020)
Jan Hendrik Becher
Emergent phenomena in two-dimensional Fermi systems
(June 2018)
Puneet Anantha Murthy
Few-fermion systems under a matterwave microscope
(January 2018)
Vincent Mirou Klinkhamer
Strong correlations in few-fermion systems
(July 2017)
Andrea Bergschneider
Many-Body Pairing in a Two-Dimensional Fermi Gas
(May 2017)
Mathias Neidig
Few-particle quantum magnetism with ultracold atoms
(Nov 2015)
Simon Murmann
A Two-Dimensional Fermi Gas in the BEC-BCS Crossover
(Jan 2015)
Martin Ries
From Few to Many:Ultracold Atoms in Reduced Dimensions
(Dec 2013)
Andre Wenz
Few-fermion systems in one dimension
(Dec 2012)
Gerhard Zürn
Deterministic Preparation of a Tunable Few-Fermion System
(Nov 2011)
Friedhelm Serwane
Efimov Physics in a three-component Fermi gas
(Jun 2011)
Thomas Lompe
Few-body physics in ultracold Fermi gases
(Feb 2010)
Timo Ottenstein

Diploma and Master Theses

Building a microdrop on demand system to load atom traps in ultracold quantum gas experiments
Sebastian Blaensdorf
Towards Physics of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in Rotating Few-Fermion Systems
Paul Hill
Design and Construction of a New Experiment for Programmable Quantum Simulation using Ultracold 6Li Fermions
Tobias Hammel
Projection of repulsive potentials in ultracold quantum gases with a Digital Micromirror Device
Carl Heintze
Few ultracold fermions in a two-dimensional trap
Ram-Janik Petzold
Exploring fractional quantum hall physics using ultracold fermions in rotating traps
Lukas Palm
Versatile Platform for Cold Atom Physics with 6Li based on Holographic Potentials
Antonia Klein
Collective Modes and Turbulence in Two-Dimensional Fermi Gases
Marvin Holten
Many-body correlations in a quasi-two-dimensional, ultracold atomic Fermi gas
Ralf Klemt
Creating an Optical Microtrap with Tunable Aspect Ratio for Ultracold Fermions
Michael Dehabe
Towards Spin and Site-Resolved, Single-Atom Imaging of 6Li Atoms in a Multiwell Potential
Jan Hendrik Becher
A Strongly Interacting Fermi Gas in a Two-Dimensional Optical Lattice
Luca Bayha
Observation of the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless Transition in a 2D Fermi Gas
Dhruv Kedar
BKT - phase transition in a strongly interacting 2d Bose gas
(February 2014)
Sebastian Pres
Ultracold few-fermion systems in multiwell potentials
(May 2013)
Andrea Bergschneider
A realization of a two-dimensional Fermi gas in a standing wave trap
(May 2013)
Mathias Neidig
An apparatus for few-fermion systems in multiple-well potentials
(Oct 2012)
Vincent Mirou Klinkhamer
Towards an ultracold three-component Fermi Gas in a two-dimensional optical lattice
(Mar 2012)
Johanna Elise Bohn
Apparatus for the preparation of ultracold Fermi gases
(Nov 2010)
Philipp Simon
A magneto-optical trap for the preparation of a three-component Fermi gas in an optical lattice
(Oct 2010)
Martin Gerhard Ries
Realization of an Optical Microtrap for a Highly Degenerate Fermi Gas
(May 2009)
Gerhard Zuern
Few-Body Physics in a Three-Component Fermi Gas
(Feb 2009)
Andre Niklas Wenz
Ultracold Fermi Mixtures in an Optical Dipole Trap
(Jul 2008)
Matthias Kohnen
An apparatus for the production of molecular Bose-Einstein condensates
(Feb 2008)
Thomas Lompe
The setup of a Magneto Optical Trap for the preparation of a mesoscopic degenerate Fermi gas
(Oct 2007)
Friedhelm Serwane