Ruprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg

now it’s ultracold: Our first molecular BEC!

We have reached condensation of 80000 6Li2 molecules in a dipole trap using an all-optical approach.
After being precooled in our magneto-optical trap (MOT) the 6Li atoms are transferred into the optical dipole trap, for which we use a 200 W fibre laser. The trap is established by two focussed beams with a waist of 50 µm crossing under an angle of about 7°.

Our first molecular BEC
Our first molecular BEC

Picture: Bimodal (condensate and thermal cloud) distributions at different stages of evaporation with final laser power between 120 - 61 mW. Before taking the image (after a time of flight of 10ms) the laser power is adiabatically ramped back to 120mW for all images.

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