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From Few to Many

In our recent paper which was published in the current issue of Science 342, 457 (2013) (also available at arXiv:1307.3443), we study the formation of a Fermi sea one atom at a time. We investigate the crossover from few to many-body physics in a quasi one-dimensional system using a single impurity atom which interacts with an increasing number of majority atoms that are in a different state. We could show that for the investigated quantum impurity systems as few as four particles are enough to describe the system with the many-body theory.

More information can be found in the press release (in English or German) from the University of Heidelberg.

Furthermore, our publication is also discussed and explained for a broader audience, for instance in physicsworld and in a science blog.

Few-Body Systems: Cooler Than You Might Think

Our work on finite fermionic systems was recently covered in a science blog by Chad Orzel. The article nicely summarizes and explains why few-body systems are interesting and what we are able to do with these kind of systems.

Move to the new PI

In December last year we moved our experiments from the MPIK in Heidelberg to the Physikalisches Institut, also in Heidelberg. In this new building, the rooms for our labs had just been finished before. We decided to keep the optics and vacuum chambers mounted on the tables for the move. This allowed us to start up our experiments quickly: As of now, one experiment is running as good as before the move, the other experiment is steadily getting there.

Retreat in Maria Waldrast with the Grimm group

We just went on a short retreat with the Grimm group from Innsbruck. The two days at the monastry Maria Waldrast in the Austrian alps were full of interesting discussions, beautiful landscapes and nice hiking.

Link to the pictures.

Diploma thesis finished

The new BEC
The new BEC

Johanna Bohn recently finished her diploma thesis, which describes the setup of our new dipole trap and the molecular BEC we are able to create in this trap.

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